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The General Time is giving you an opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions by sending us a guest blog. We are accepting the submission of blog articles from journalists and writers who can write information base articles about politics, breaking news, HR news, business progress, fashion industry, health care, and lifestyle. There are 195 countries in the world and all share different customs and living styles. We give writers a golden chance to share their perspectives with the world.

Writers and journalists also submit articles about the current affairs of the world and take suggestions from the audience. We only accept those articles that contain specific and unique information. Keep in mind that authorities of General Time will take strict notice against those who over cross copyright laws.

Share Your Thoughts by Writing a Guest Blog Article

Why we are offering you to write for us? What is the main reason behind accepting guest blog articles? We give equal opportunity to a different genre of people to share their thoughts with each other and also because we love reading the perspective of different people on one topic. Writing a guest blog for General Time is a golden opportunity and you can target a larger audience through this platform. Do you want to attract lots of visitors to your blog or website? If yes then consider sending us your sample work.

Ground Principles for Sending Us Blog Post

There are some ground rules that we set for all writers and journalists. Before submitting your guest post, make sure your content fulfills all the scales of our ground rules.


We will only accept those articles that are almost 1000 words. If you send us an article of more than 1000 words then we may split it.


Make your article more readable by writing it in form of paragraphs. There must be 3 to 4 lines in each paragraph. It not only makes your article more readable but also makes it more appealing.


We appreciate your uniqueness. Make sure you are reflecting your own thought and words in guest blogs. Of course, you can get inspiration or ideas from others but spanning and copy-pasting are unbearable. At General Time, we appreciate your mindfulness. So, don’t hesitate to share your opinion with the world.

Add media

Visual graphics can make your article look more appealing and attractive. You can add different media forms (such as images, videos, maps, tweets, or interview audios) to your article. But before using any media form, beware of copyright claims.


General Time charges a little fee for spreading your words on the international level and promoting your company/business campaign.

Why consider General Time?

Guest blogs are a very intimidating idea for promoting and increasing traffic on your blog. It is an effective way to build strong connections. Consider General Time for sending your guest blog because we bring multiple benefits for writers such as

  • Increase ranking of your blog/website on search engines
  • Bring potential traffic to your website
  • Give you a route to connect with a community that share fresh content
  • Get instant approval on your guest blogs
  • Get easy access to the high-authority domain page
  • Get instant backup links

Introduce high-ranking niches in the market such as business, technology, healthy, lifestyle, politics, the fashion industry, and many more

Importance of Backlinks

Do you know what is the key factor for increasing your ranking on different search engines? Backlinks help you to hit certain potential traffic on your blog or website. Backlinks are all about connecting different blogs and websites on a single forum.

What is a sponsored post?

Well, guest posting and sponsor posting are two different things in both means of payments and ads.

A sponsored post is considered as a promotion post on a blog or website. The sponsor also pays for the post according to the total number of views.

General Time is offering a golden chance to struggling companies to build a strong connection in the market through sponsor posting. Sponsor posts always vary in different forms such as posting ads about the services of the company, a banner about the business campaign or promoting different products. General Time charges customers a premium fee for posting ads, banners, and sidebars on the home page.

General Time also provides

Post TypeBenefitsPrice
Guest PostingInstant permanent do-follow links
Helps in targeting potential audience
$15 for 1 Do-follow 2 Do-follow link $30
Insertion of Links1 link proof of exiting article$25
Posting article on homeIncrease per click rate$40 for per month
Banner/sidebar (for per month)Increase your loyal customer to maximize your business profit$70 for per month

We take payments from companies and businesses for posting banners and promoting their services. Our clients pay us through PayPal.

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