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Don’t stay unaware of the latest news and important facts from around the world because General Time delivers all news to you with 100% accuracy. Do you want to get notified whenever something new publishes on General Time? If yes then don’t forget to subscribe to Newsletter. Moreover, if there is also something that you want to discuss or want to send us your work. Email us at to discuss terms with our team members.

Team Members

Ameer Ali SEO Expert, ASO Expert and Founder of The General Time, The UK Time, Complex Time, The Capital Time

Founder of The General Time Ameer Ali

Ameer Ali is not only the founder of The General Time but also handle all the work related to digital marketing. From managing SEO of the website to handling all the other Digital work, he handles everything very precisely and make sure to make your experience better on The General Time.

Our Editor Team Head Hasnain Ali

Hi its Hasnain Ali, I am the head of editor team. My work is all related to making possible edits and then publish work on website. My team collaborate with the writing to catch any possible misleading information in the articles and make sure we deliver the authentic news to our viewers.

Our Writing Head Soha Ashraf

Hi its Soha Ashraf. I am the head of writing team of The General Time. All the articles and web content published on The General Time are my work. We have also another team of writers and as the head of writing team I thoroughly review their work before editor team publish it on the website. Moreover, I also review all the articles that are send to us as guest blogs. After reviewing the work, I ask my editor team to publish work on the website. I know the importance of words and how much it is important to convey your message to others in easy way. Don’t worry, me and my writing team make sure to convey the message as it is.

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