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Terms and Conditions

The following page will give you all information about our terms and conditions and what type of data we collect from our clients.

We use your provided data to improve our customer services. By using our services, you accept all our terms and conditions about providing some of your personal data. Here are some terms and meanings that you should know before accepting terms & conditions.

User content

It is the content that you create and we publish on General Time.

Personal Data

It is about the data of an individual person and it includes

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Current Address
  • Email Address
  • Personal Contact Number
  • State Name, Province, City, and Country
  • Cookies and Usage of Data


It is considered as the small amount of data that is stored on User’s device when they use our services

Usage Data

It is the data collected automatically from the website. Usage of data is the data that s generated by using the services of the website. For example, it is about reminding the time that one spends on using our services.

Data Subject

It is known as any living individual that is also the subject of personal data.


This term refers to the individual who is using our services. The user also corresponds to the data subject.

Data Controller

It refers to the person who determines the usage of personal data and considers how and by which means personal data will be processed.

Terms & Condition That You Should Accept

Before jumping to a conclusion, there are some important terms and conditions that you must read mindfully. If you are failed to agree with any of the below-mentioned terms then you are prohibited to use any of our services.

How to use General Time?

The General Time deals with copyright content, trademarks, and other necessary information about the business industry, fashion, politics, cultures, visuals, audios, and software. Users are not allowed to do any kind of modification, publication, sell, transmit, or derivation of creation works on the website. General Time gives you permission to download copyright data from the website but selling those data to others is unbearable and we take lawful actions against those.

  • You are prohibited to do retransmission, redistribution, publication, copying, and exploiting of the public copyright content.
  • Users are allowed to download copyright and other proprietary material from the website
  • Users are not allowed to use the material of General Time in any way that shows association with our services and products.

Importance of Giving Feedback

Feedbacks are like positive criticisms that help us to improve our services and attract more audience. Feedbacks refer to a message board and email facility through which users can share their opinions and suggestions with us. If you are sending us your feedback then make sure

  • You are not defaming any third party or calling them through vulgar and abusive language.
  • Users are not allowed to post hateful, bias and intolerant statements in the comment section.
  • Users are not allowed to promote or share any material that breaches copyright laws.
  • We will take serious actions if a user tries to sell or transmit anyone else’s data.
  • Don’t share any link to harmful virus or website that cause damage to us

General Time has full rights over the content published on our website. We can delete or republish any content without the consent of users at any time.

Modify or Terminate Website

General Time reserves all the rights of terminating or modifying the website without informing any of the users. We recommend users check the terms and conditions page frequently to notice any important change in the services.

If a user is failed to fulfill or accept any of our policy then General Time reserves the right to terminate their account without any warning. After the warning, users are bound to delete or destroy any copyright data that they have downloaded from the website.

For further detail send connect to the executive team member of General Time


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